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SOLIDUS eCommerce

Free, Open-source, Ruby on Rails

Crafted to be customized, Solidus is extensible, maintainable, and everything you're looking for in Open Source eCommerce. Not only is it built in Ruby, a well-tested and adopted developer-first language, but it's also built on top of Ruby on Rails, with its *strong* community and ecosystem of tools supporting development up and down the stack. Solidus takes things a step further. With only a few quick commands, you can have an entire storefront running. The main work from there is customization of the frontend and integration with any 3rd parties. With Solidus, anything is possible.

Here at Karma Creative, we love working with Solidus and couldn't recommend it more highly to our clients. At the same time, not every framework is right for every situation and we pride ourselves on ensuring that not everything ends up looking like a nail just because we're holding a particular hammer.

That said, we *love* Solidus. Here's why:

Key Features

Highly Extensible

Use it however you want to. Hook into our robust ecosystem of extensions or quickly make your own with solidus_dev_support

Open-Source Ruby On Rails

Developer first. With a focus on sharing work and collaborating through Open Source best practice.

Powerful Well-tested eCommerce Schema

Trusted by companies large and small, Solidus is a veteran ecommerce platform with reliable data standing firmly behind it.

Key Benefits

Works Together With Anything

If you love a service, then you'll love that you can use it with Solidus. Over the years we've seen just about everything under the sun hooked up.

Thriving Community for Code and Support

Don't go alone. With the new Open Collective Ambassadors leading the charge, the Solidus community is more active than ever. Come on in; you'll feel right at home.

Stable, Scaleable, Secure

Durable yet still incredibly flexible, Solidus can scale up when you need it. And it's stable and secure enough to stand the test of time.

Featured Open-Source Extension by Karma Creative:


At Karma Creative, we don't only value building you a website: we want your business to succeed. One of the most important elements in your success is SEO.

When we realized that Solidus didn't come with good default SEO settings straight out-of-the-box, we knew that something had to be done about it. We knew that we were the ones in the position to do it: And so we did it. Presenting 'solidus_seo' our contribution to the community to help your store. Finally, good default SEO settings, and increased revenue through better SERPs, straight out-of-the-box.

Presenting 'solidus_seo':

View On GitHub

JSON-LD Structured Data

With a few simple commands, you’ll immediately get Store, Product, Breadcrumb, and ItemList JSON-LD markup on all your pages.

Image Optimization

Never load another large image again with site-wide default paperclip image optimization (through image_optim).

Common Sense SEO Defaults

Default meta tags including open graph tags, describing a product on the PDP pages, and describing the store/site in all other pages.

Solidus Resources:

Conf Slides, Talks, and Other Links

We've been active in the community for quite some time now and we'd like to add a few more resources to this page in case they're helpful. Here are link to our slides and our talks from Solidus Conf. We've also taken the liberty to compile another few links related to the community and its conferences, sponsors, retailers, and development shops.

SolidusConf 2016 Toronto

SolidusConf 2017 London

SoutheastSolidusConf 2018 Memphis

SolidusConf 2019 Salt Lake City

A selection of Retailers currently running on Solidus:

Current Open Collective Solidus Ambassadors:

Digital consulting company specialized in Ruby on Rails, UX Design, and Solidus eCommerce.

Agency that specializes in Web development, Ruby on Rails, Spree/Solidus, technical guidance.

Full-service custom digital agency focused on Solidus, eCommerce, SEO, and working with Karma in everything we do.

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