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One of the most important things when establishing a project outline will be to find make an individualized plan custom taylored to what you're looking for. Our experience has taught us how to listen to your ideas and interpret them into a plan for a website crafted for your needs. This, combined with our knowledge of Solidus and involvement in the community, allows us to create responsive web design, with an emphasis on our user experience and the ability to work seamlessly across devices.

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Athlete Originals

AOMVP is a U.S. based e-commerce company that provides on-demand manufacturing, e-commerce, crowd-sourced design and sales services to the sports, entertainment and art industries. The company has integrated multiple, on-demand manufacturers into its platform, which creates a supply chain capable of creating thousands of products with customization options. These products are then launched into affinity e-commerce marketplaces with worldwide distribution enabling clients to sell directly to consumers.

AOMVP, LLC owns and operates marketplaces including; AthleteOriginals.com, ArtistOriginals.com, AOMVP.com, and AdTournament.com. AOMVP, LLC also licenses its platform to third-parties. If interested in learning more please contact us.

Originally implemented in PHP using the Magento framework, AthleteOriginals.com soon outgrew its initial capacity, and was replatformed onto Solidus. The new application implemented multiple print-on-demand manufacturers, multitenancy, and the ability to sell products directly within the Amazon Marketplace. Moreover, new and expansive progressive features, stemming from UI originally designed by the well-respected Baymard Institute, upgraded the site with best-in-class UX.

Here at Karma Creative, we work to provide production support and on-going feature development for the Athlete Originals brand and family of applications to ensure the best possible experience for its customers, agents, and professional athletes and artists. AOMVP.com is of particular note as it acts as a companion app for the Athlete Originals application, providing athletes, artists, and their agents individual detailed sales data reporting dashboards.

In a world where things can change drastically, and sometimes without notice, it's vital to have a website that can keep up. Through diligent Quality Assurance, Agile Technical Project Management, and Senior Ruby on Rails Solidus Development, we give AOMVP confidence and peace-of-mind, while always working to increase conversions. Whether its adding a new manufacturer or working on a new marketplace, we take pride in the quality of our work and see ourselves as strategic partners in our mutual success.

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At Karma Creative, the most important thing to us, is you. Whatever your needs might be we strive hard to meet them. Whether it's Website Development/Management, QA, or Project Management, we will do whatever we can to make a relationship work. By taking things one step at a time, we can effectively track everything we do, and any changes, or improvements that need to be made, can be done so quickly, and precisely. The first step though, is finding a good match. So if you want to work with a company that values doing things right, reach out to us, tell us what you're looking for, and we'll show you what we can do.